Thursday, April 26, 2012

Did you remove dead leaves?

2011 No Data, 2012 Y(30) N(33)


  1. Since the start of the experiment i have not needed to remove any dead leaves. The plant is healthy and green :)

  2. I have observed two leaves on the plant which have died or browned! These two leaves were removed in case they caused a spread of disease or virus to the other leaves in the jar. The inner (new) leaves seem to be growing well with only one or two blemishes! This section of the project was not implemented last year and they did not have any flora in their jars- this has added a new aspect to the project as plant health must also now be taken into account and in the case of two of my leaves they must be removed.

  3. Tonight when I cleaned the jar i made sure to remove the dead leaves. There were only two that needed to be removed.