Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey Guys, first I hope all your fish are doing well! This is my first blog about my fish. 
After we got our fish, I put mine -a dark blue coloured betta called Sam - in the water while he was still in the plastic bag , so that the water could take over the temperatre of the jar´s water. After 30 minutes I released him into his new territorium. 

First i tried to feet him with the food we got in our practical lesson, but he didnt touch it. So I tried the food i bought at the petshop and he liked it! It´s a special betta fish food (called "Sanyu Betta Gold") and contains for example white fish meal, shrimp meal, soybean meal, vitamin A, B, C, E and other minerals. Istarted to feed my fish twice a day, mornings and evenings, with 5 to 7  pellets.

I also bought one more male and 2 females, because i wanted to observe the behaviour of a male betta being alone compared to one that lives together with females. The first thing I observed when I put the females into the jar with the bought male was, that one female changed its colour from a darkblue to a spotted grey.  At this stage my females, Minki ( light coloured) and Gypsy (blue/grey one) lived together with Jonah, a beautiful red coloured fighting fish. 
Unfortunately I had to seperate the females from him, because Jonah is extremely territorial, so he was chasing them more and more. He was even trying to chase them away from the food. (He also reacted aggressive to my Blackberry when i tried to take a picture of him, a fingertip or a not lighted cigarrette against the glass - coming back to this later).  Gypsy was more chased by him than Minki, she was hiding behind leafs. First i didn´t had an idea why he was chasing her more than the other one, but now i know that Gypsy is quite torritorial too. I think that might have been the reason why she was the more chased one. After approxomately two hours i put the females into Sam´s jar - it seemed to be better! 
Sam was different from Jonah - not as aggressive and territorial. After a couple of hours I was happy to observe that Gypsy started to change her colour again, but it took a couple of days until she got her nice deep darkblue colour back. The first change in colour was obviously because she didn´t feel comfortable with Jonah.
Approxomately one week later I recognized thats Sam´s fins were  nowsmaller then in the beginning. While I was observing him that day I saw that the females were the more territorial ones now and were chasing and biting Sam´s fins off. Later the same day, i realized that also Minki´s back fin got a hole too, so i decided to to take Gypsy out, because she was the only one that didn´t have any marks. Because i only had 2 jars i had to put her with Jonah again, but i couldnt leave it this way, because of his very aggressive territorial behaviour. I organized a third jar filled it up with water, used one drop of "DARO AQUA CHLOR", a water conditioner that neutralizes chlorine. 
Sadly Sam died a couple of days later, i think he was either sick or too weak to protect his territorium.

A few times I moved the the jars of the males together to observe their behaviour. After seeing each other they started flaring with their gill covers and opened their fins to full size. They do that to appear bigger or more impressive, but also if they get disturbed by something in their environment e.g. movements. Jonah reacts with flaring gill covers when people come close with their fingers etc. as I described earlier on. He got very strong behaviour patterns, which is very good for observing. Sam wasn´t as active as Jonah is and he also didn´t react that much to movements in his environment, what could also be a sign that he was sick.

I will try to upload some pictures tomorrow! Otherwise a nice evening to everybody!

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