Friday, April 20, 2012


During the first two weeks when i had my fish i watched him realy closely especially when feeding him. I tried to keep his feeding time constant at, round about 6:00 pm everynight. At first it did not seem as if he was eating, compared to how i normally see other fish feed, but i actually saw him biting pieces of his food eventualy. I also noticed that he does go to the bottom of the tank in search of food. I also observed that he does not like the light to be to bright around him, he will then move to the top of the tank inbetween the leaves. I assume this is where he has made his burrow. In the first two weeks i did not change the water and noticed that he was not very active in the tank but rather remained at the top. The plant root came out of the substrate and i replanted it, this made the water a bit unclear once again but it cleared up in no time. an extra piece of root was also in the tank which i removed. Overall my fish remained strong and healthy within his first two weeks with me.

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