Monday, April 23, 2012

New observations on Free Willy

Free Willy has been doing great, he is eating regularly and swimming around still as often as possible, he is definitely not a lazy fish. I cleaned his tank twice this past week because I noticed it became dirty quicker and algae was starting to grow in the tank..Free Willy started to stress with the amount of times I changed the water of the tank as he flared up when I changed it the second time. During the night he sleeps at the bottom of the tank underneath one of the leaves and during the day he comes to the top, but mostly he stays around the bottom areas of the tank. I noticed this past week that his ventral fin became white or it just became more prominent because I did not notice it before. It starts off blue then as it lengthens out it becomes white. This is a change that only happened now reasantly or I just have not noticed until now. The food hat was given to us, finished 2days I went to the pet shop in my area and bought betta pellets which was recommended because they provide vitamins and other ingredients which are good for them. Free Wlly did not eat them the 1st day I gave them to him, but by the next day he started eating them because he is a greedy one :)

More leaves from my plant are having to be pulled off lately because they are beoming brown and white spots are occuring on the leaves. For now, my plant is still surviving and there are still suffient leaves left but if starts to die, I will go buy another one.
Till next time!

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