Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping up with Napoleon Blue :)

hey all!

this is the first post of my and mikhyle's fishy Napoleon Blue..we have had him for quite a while now and he's proved to be quite a little scaly entertainer :D

On day one of receiving our scaly little friend he was rather shy and introverted. We kept him in his bag and cleaned his jar thoroughly as well as wiping it clear of germs and dust. We then welcomed him into his new jar home similar to that of Spongebobs and he soon made himself comfortable within his new surroundings. He swam a bit then floated for a while and probably just had a one fish party. We then fed him rilegeously once a day as fish too have to eat. As the days went by, his progress did too.

The water was changed twice a week which could have been roughly 25% of the water contents. It was done with the help of a soup laddle to not remove all the water and nutrients. He laid between the leaves as well as on the leaves. The leaves started dying so unfortunately they had to be removed. Never the less, the one fish party merrily continued. He lets out bubbles a lot, this could be a sign of him being happy and content with where he is. As we about to feed him, he swims up closer to the top of the jar and eats all his food, leaving no left overs at the bottom of the jar. He doesn't eat the food immediately though, he first swims around and then indulges.

Algae started forming along the top of the jar, the sides of the jar and the leaves. Napoleon's jar was placed in direct sunlight in order for the water to level out and regulate its tempreture. When we placed the jar out of the sunlight, algae didn't form but leaves started becoming transparent. Not good. They then broke off and died. We cut the dead leaves off as they were serving no purpose and making Napoleons pad rather untidy..... We continued to keep a close eye on him and closely monitor his progress.

Stay posted as we will blog regurlarly so we can all keep up with Napoleon!!! :)

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