Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stallion has changed his sleeping place

Hello guys, after  yesterday's lecture I took some time to monitor Stallion's behavior, it was late and i was studying when I've noticed he was not moving  at all in the tank! he usually does that when he is sleeping but what amazed  me is that was not his sleeping place, his bed is at the bottom of the tank, but he  was  floating up there  for  three  hours fast asleep!

 I  don't  know whether its  due to the  changing of water that we did on Saturday. We moved him to  a little basket then changed all the   water in  the tank and put in fresh water, there was a bit of algae as  well, its only now that I've noticed the change in his sleeping patterns, maybe the bottom is not so  comfortable anymore.  i will look at him again  tonight to see if he keeps this up.

have a good long weekend friends.

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  1. i read that you should make sure he has a leaf or sumthing to rest on coz they breath air sometimes and the leaf is for support in case they get exhausted... :)