Friday, April 20, 2012

firstly i want to apologize for post for the first time so information about the beta the reasons for this is because of some technical problems with my laptop.On the 16th of march my friend take the fish and look after it for 5day in the break time when was at home for that week on the 21st of march he give it to me too look after,the first night when i arrive at home with Louis i notice something very intresting that every time that there was a movement at the door the fish look into the direction where the noises coming and during that time i spend time just observing his behaviors and i notice that after eleven in the night the fish spend most of the time on top of the water and six o'clock in the morning the fish is on the bottom of the water and it came to me it can be of the tempreture  during the night and the morning.The plant on the other side doing well i have broken cut some of the leaves and there was some new ones that have came out.What i have learned about this fish when you feed him is that you must not give the fish to big portions because they spit it out if it is too big.   

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