Thursday, April 26, 2012

Did you get other food for your fish?

2011 Y(5) N(25), 2012 Y(23) N(40)


  1. I did not receive any tubiflex worms so after i received my fish I bought Ocean Free Betta food both granules and flakes. It was recommended, as it enhances growth and fish colour.

  2. We got our fish food for floating fish types which is in small round pieces very nice for feeding because we can actually know how much food we are feeding him, in terms measuring. But Stallion does not seem to like the food, he keeps spitting it out and the left over food is making the tank dirty be cause he does not eat his food.

    I think that is why most of my mates did not bother to buy new food, it is this kind of reaction that Stallion is showing now.i'm worried i think we going to have to buy what he is used to if this behavior does not change.

  3. Result
    left tail 0.041
    right tail 0.9881
    2-tails 0.0574
    mid-p correction 0.0428

  4. My fish ate the tubiflex freeze dried worms but my research showed that Bettas also enjoy bloodworm so I introduced it to his diet.He seems fine with the alternating food.