Thursday, April 26, 2012

ave produce another baby plant! they aare doing great, no brown leaaves, no algae.
the jar is so cleaned that Randall is having big activities; swimming up and down like crazy. it is enjoying its life.
Strange thing, while i was cleaning the jar i put Randall into an acquarium with other fishes. As soon as it was in, it tried to attak a gupy; yet all other fishes went in together at one corner of the jar and Randall at the other. I put food into the jar to see their actions; they all jumped umto it but still away from Randall.
A quite big gold fish wanted a bid piece of food which was close to Randall; it then approach it and Randall ran away frm him.
I am wondering why it ran away while it was suppose to fight the gold fish.

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