Friday, April 20, 2012

Sorry for applying so late but some reason under circumstances I've couldn't post on my blog about my fish. I got the fish on 16 March 2012 the end of term one. My partner and I argued about a name for our beta but we finally decided on a name Louis. This fish is originally from Thailand.Our fish are light blue with frizzy fins. The plant and the water were already in a good condition before we got the fish. When I put the fish in the water he were  calm and didn't moved a lot because I think he first want to observed his new habitat. In week 1 things went very well. I had feed him 3 times a day in the first 2 weeks and i could already see the behavior of him. He normally didn't moved after i feed him and he always takes his food at the top of the water.He never swims down to the bottom to eat when I feed him. Louis are always at the bottom every morning when I woke up to feed him.The third week i have to go home and i must travel far,I took a chance to take Louis with me and  he survived the long trip but than it come to my mind that the water quality of where I board is lower than the water quality of my town Ceres.I were scared to change the water because the fish might could get ill or die but I'd leave the water in the jaw and didn't change it.Louis had survived that week and came safely back with me and I gave him the next week to my partner.Louis had started to change slowly from blue to red in his fins.I will keep updated when I get him back.

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