Monday, April 30, 2012


Eya peeps. My fish is doing this days, but i thing that tester  gave it a shock a bit, the whole day it didn't want to swim close to that little sack. but its swimming around it now. i'm just a little worried about the water temperature,  because its been very cold now' days, don't if the drop in temperature is going to affect it.  but gotta wait and see. later 


  1. Hey. The drop in water temperature is going to affect fish. He may even die. Bettas live in water temperatures of about 25-27 degrees Celsius. Watch Kelvin carefully if his colour starts fading the water is too cold. What I do is put warm water into the jar when I do the weekly 25% water change. Be sure to check the temperature of the water BEFORE you put it into the jar. Drastic changes to the environment stresses them.

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  3. DIE? *frightened* Anx for the advise....