Friday, April 20, 2012


I've received Hellboy from my partner..

I've noticed that the plant has lost its colour, i decided then to cut off all the dead leaves. When one cuts off the dead leaves you have to cut it at a angle of the steam so there is a possibility of the leaves growing. New have formed as I decided to plant more nutrients at the bottom.

I feed Hellboy every morning, as soon as he sees me approaching the tank he drifts up to the surface knowing his about to be fed. When he opens his mouth for food, air sockets appear, coming from his sides. Once a day Hellboy swims flamboyantly, soon after his fed. He creates air sockets, it floats to the center of the tank then drifts to the sides. The air sockets float together, in groups of 2 or 3. Air sockets are a indicator of Hellboy being satisfied with his surroundings :)

I cleaned the tank Thursday, 19 April. I've added stones to the bottom of the tank and observed that Hellboy floats above a specific stone. This morning, 20 April, air sockets appeared at the surface. The tank is located where there is sunlight but not direct, on my patio. Hellboy seems satisfied with the climate and temperatures.

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