Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do you think your fish has grown?

2011 Y(22) N(8), 2012 Y(34) N(29)


  1. Yes I think my fish has grown, because his colour has changed darker and the mid section of his body seems much larger than before

  2. my fish has grown and i think it has gained some weight.when comparing the statics of last year and this the student last year kept the fish for a longer period that has an impact on the monitor and growth of the fish.the environment also has an impact on the growth of the fish

  3. omg ma fish is growing and his colour has canged he isnt cute anymore...

  4. Result
    left tail 0.9792
    right tail 0.0584
    2-tails 0.112
    mid-p correction 0.0932

    My interpretation is that last years group recieved their fish at a fairly young stage, as there was people who reported on eventually being able do distinguish whether they had a male or female fish. Obviously they could've noticed growth in their fish.

    This year, our group, recieved our fish as adults or more or less close to adult size. It would explain why so much more people did not notice any growth, myself included, however this is possibly not the only reason that no growth could've been noticed.

    Aquarium fish grow faster and larger in big spaces, so because we do not have such a large space for the fish to move around, even though its not a very active fish compared to tetra's and mollies and things, its growth will be affected, either slowed down or completely stopped.

  5. No growth whatsoever, no color changes. Looks exactly the way when i first received it.

  6. Last year 73% of the people reported 'yes'. This year only 53% reported 'yes'. This could be because the majority of last year's fish were received very young. Some 'female' fish even grew into males which shows that the fish given were so young that their fins hadn't totally matured yet. This year a little more than half the peoples fish were reported to have grown. Maybe this year's batch of fish were a little more mature than last year's.
    I personally said 'no' in the questionnaire. Now I wonder if my fish actually has grown and I maybe haven't noticed because of seeing him everyday. Compared to other bettas I've seen in pet shops and other bettas in our assignment, my betta is really small. So surely if he has grown I would have noticed? But then again, after reading Damian's comment, maybe mine has stopped growing because of the size of his tank. I am looking into getting a nice big tank where my betta can have more space, and I can add a few more fish. It will be interesting to see if he grows after being put in a larger body water.

  7. Yes, i was beginning to get worried as when the survey was taken in class, the number of people whom raised their hands was large and i had kept mine down because i could not find anything with regards to growth.

  8. i just got my fish back last night from my partner and thoroughly cleaned the jar. i noticed that he has grown and his colour seems to be a lighter shade of blue than when we first recieved the fish. Also he seems to only have gotten wider in his mid-section, i haven't really examined him closely since i got him back though... watch out for my newer post where i will include lots more info :)