Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dead or Alive...

Since we received the plant a week before the fish, i had overgrown leaves which when bent got the stem of the leaves broken hence the leaves began changing color gradually over time, from perfect green to brown. our plant had eleven leaves at the beginning of the experiment but due to limitations of space(depriving the fish of space to swim) created by the leaves, i had to cut-off the broken leaves as four new leaves were emerging. Currently there are 7 leaves plus 1 new bud?... When we first received the fish it was not much active and when i put food for it, it did not want to eat. this went on for about 2-3 days . At time i thought that it was dead  because it would remain in one spot for a prolonged period. Nemo like hiding behind leaves as there are 2 bent leaves right at the top of the jar. This is where the fish sleeps / hibernates. One thing i've noticed is that it likes making these bubbles as underneath the bent leaves there are like a thousand bubbles. Over all i think this fish is freaky because each time i work on my desk, it just comes towards me and just stares at me. Each time i open the lid it swims up the jar thinking that i am about to feed it. Something out of the norm that once happened was i had left my gadget(tablet) very close to the bowl(of course it was off(Gadget)) and the fish got very excited. I think it has to do with reflections/mirror image that was created by the tablets screen. I know this is irrelevant information but i just thought that i should mention... I have the lid on but it is slightly open just to allow for the exchange of gases and to prevent dust from entering the system. Since it has been cold of recent, the fish has been lying right at the bottom of the jar. This has to do with variations in temperature at the top and the bottom of the jar.

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