Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Major Water Change


Just received Tyson! He seems to be coping very well, showing off strong colouring and active behaviour.
We have just performed a major water change in an attempt to eliminate the floating particles seen in the water! Herewith, a few pictures illustrating the change:

The plant still has a few brown spots on it; however, I  observed that the leaves on the inner side of the jar were noticably healthier looking than those on the outer side. This could possibly be due to the sunlight received by the outer most plants.
In repsonse I shall experiment with light control and monitor feedback!
The pH in the jar after the water change was a suprising 7.4! To counter this we added "pH down" into the jar. This managed to reduce it to 7.1!

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  1. the amazon sword is an aquatic plant so if the leaves are outside and therefore not in the water, there will be discolouration. same thing happened to my plant