Friday, April 13, 2012

Mustard-Fluffy! my pride and joy 13/04/12

Our darling Mustard-Fluffy is doing so well. he looks incredibly shiny and bigger than when we got him. I feel like a proud mother, well I know I am.
Each I come near him he swims up thinking I am about to feed him and when the room temperature drops he cuddles against the leaves of the plant. The plant is looking good by the way, but is growing rapidly. Some of its leaves have broken off, but have been replaced by small ones. I was surprised to see that the brown patches it had have suddenly disappeared and now its back to being green. hmmmm.....

Yesterday my friend, Aviwe, and I tried putting a mirror in front of him because I had heard that some fish find the 'other' fish intimidating and start showing territorial behavior. Our fish did not even take note of the mirror. I think I should have a torch near the mirror next time because each time he see's light he moves towards it. THATS A PLAN!!!


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