Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My fish - Fighter

Hey guys, I'm posting rather late because I had trouble getting on to this blog & also I am on my second fish because my first fish died. Anyways my name is Ebrahiem. When I got the plant, I already prepared the tank by dechlorinating the water, placing the stones and plant in the tank and then it was just for me to get the fish.. I also got myself a filter and a thermometer because as we know beta splendens prefer warmer water between the temperatures of 24 and 29 degrees celsius. The filter will serve the purpose of keeping the water clean and preventing the fish from getting any diseases. I also equipped my tank with rocks and ornaments for hiding places because beta splendens enjoy hiding. I will be feeding Fighter the food that was given by Dr Knight and I also got bloodworms from the fish shop. I will be posting again shortly to inform you on how fighter adapts to his new home. Pictures coming soon !

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