Thursday, April 5, 2012

Introducing to you... PIRHANA!

Pirhana in his new Home(=

Meet Pirhana=)

Pirhana and I are super excited to have this blogging thing with pictures back up and running again. During the exchange of Pirhana the little blue bugger seemed rather still and seemed to shy away a little by remaining at the bottom of the tank, but became very lively once the jar had been put down. He began swimming up and down the jar, and then began showing interest in movement occurring outside the tank. He would swim alongside the glass of the jar and follow anyone moving. He is a very busy and very lively little fish. I've also noticed that he seems to love being between the leaves of the plant. The plant however has lost two leaves, but overall the ecosystem seems to be doing fairly well.

Long Live Pirhana!

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