Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pirhana Munch Munch

Hey everyone!

So when rich first started dishing out our little fishy friends, Pirhana came home with me but I wasn't able to blog at the time. So there'll be two posts (dated ofcourse)

So excited to have my fishy friend home with me. A jar with a plant and water in looks pretty sad all on its own. I've never had a pet before so this is all new to me, hopefully I can pull it off. My fishy friend doesnt have a name yet so I'll just refer to him as fish.

I put fish in the jar and then dropped in some food. He seemed stunned at first and just lay in the bottom of the jar. It took a few moments but he swam to the surface and ate some of the food. I noticed that he liked swimming near the surface. He got spooked when I opened my bedroom curtains and hid between the leaves of the plant.

My cousin gave me some bloodworms to feed him. Now he doesn't eat the food given to us, so I've restricted the bloodworms to every second day. The plant looks healthy-ish so far. Only time will tell.

Pirhana has returned! My bedroom seemed so empty without the jar (LOL). The tank looked a little worse for wear due to the transportation so I decided to clean it up a bit. The sponge that was covering the bottom of the plant had begun to disintegrate and covered everything and the roots had come out of the substrate. As Kaylyn mentioned Pirhana's colour had started to lighten and by the time I got him out of the tank he was more grey than usual and this worried me. After cleaning the jar, replanting the plant and adding water, I let it stand over-night and most of the next day because the water needed to clear. Pirhana spent all this time in Hotel De la Mixing bowl (he wasn't very happy about being fished out with a soup ladle) and he wasn't very impressed.

I did some research and found that when the temperature of the water drops, the colour drains frome the Betta's body. So before putting him back in the jar, I added some hot water to raise the temperature. I'm glad to say that Pirhana's colour was back to normal within half an hour. Now I know to add some warm water when doing the weekly water change.

watch this space for more adventures of Pirhana Munch Munch! photos and videos coming soon ;)

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  1. great tip about the temperature of the water.somy fish has changed to a darker color so im guesing the temperatur is still ok?is there a mximum temperature the water should remain at?