Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blaze update

Hi all just posting some information about my fish Blaze.

im starting to notice that his color is starting to become much more red than when i got him.His tail is a double tail which means he isn't as aggressive as the fish with a crown tail.Ive done the mirror test as well,he doesn't go into attack mode and starts to swim in a hurry but i can see how he flares out his fins a bit.The same results occurred when i placed a red object in front of the jar.I also noticed that blaze started to create bubble nests on the surface of the water which is quite interesting.As for the new betta food i bought him he really seems to enjoy it as he swims up to eat it in a rush.On the 27th of April i placed the ziolite stones in the jar and will wait for the results in the next few weeks.

My plant on the other is still doing good,it grows big green leaves but at the same time losses a few as they turn yellow and bend downwards.im going to start breaking off the dead leaves as the leaves collect most of the algae and maybe by removing them less algae will collect there.As for the cleaning of the jar the algae is building up again and must be cleaned for the 5th time this coming weekend.The image i posted shows how the leaves are growing but there a few yellows that are dying.

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