Sunday, April 15, 2012

Receiving Bison

I am a bit late but apologies for that. I took awhile before I added the water to my tank,my plant was in a 5L ice-cream bucket filled with water, it was growing nicely. The leaf count was 17. After I added the water the jar was milky, It was like that for about a week. Thanks to some advice from Damian Hans, I got the water to be clearer and thats when I put the plant in.

The very next day we received our fish aka Bison (Good timing). I was however quite afraid of having to keep him that whole day and I still had a practical to go to. Luckily there was no practical that day. Since I drive home, there was a problem, I could not keep him safely, I also noticed that if you do not hold the bag up the water would force the bag to widen and thus lowering the water, which could kill Bison.

I had found a place on the door panel which, with help of my 'thin' wallet, would keep the water high enough for Bison. The unfortunate thing was that it was right next to the speaker, I can not drive without music so I hoped he liked music.

When I got home he did look a bit frightened but I was glad he was not dead. I quickly threw him into his new home. It was raining so I dont think the temperatures was much difference. That whole day I was monitoring him, he was not very active but I figured he would eventually be.
After I feed him he does swim a bit more, and at first he used to swim away when I gave the food, thats no longer a problem. My partner and I have exchanged him once now. I got him Friday. Will post any changes I noticed and pictures this coming Friday.

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