Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog 1: Tyson

Blog 1: Tank Preperation

First of all, I recieved the 3L jar and substrate, which at first when mixed together, the water was very "milky" but I quickly sorted that problem out by doing a few water changes (about 4 or 5) and I had clear water in matter of minutes because I learnt that leaving the jar to stand for a week doesn't help much.

A week later I recieved the plant, Amazon Sword species, and I placed it into the water which got  a bit "milky" again becuse the sand was desturbed, but I did another water change there after (problem solved). I only dropped 2 of that pellets (plant food) into the jar during that week. A week past and I noticed a slight change, but more on that later...

So now I had the whole set-up done, water was clear, used dechlorinator to remove the chlorine, checked the pH levels using my pH test kit (DARO pH Test Kit) and the pH level was about 7.2, and all me and Tim needed now was to get our Siamese fighter which was due a week after the plant.

A week passed and the fish arrived...

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