Thursday, April 12, 2012






So Pirhana has been very busy lately and is doing really well. He loves swimming around and is very lively. There is a picture up showing the little star in action:) I've also noticed that he has seemed to have grown a little and is beginning to change colour. When I got Pirhana he had been a deep-ish blue colour but has since then changed to a lighter shade of blue. Also his front fin(pelvic fin) has changed to the colour red.

 The plant has lost another three and i haven't noticed any new leaves sprouting and growing so I am quite concerned about the plant right now. I clean the tank regularly- once a week- as I noticed that algae builds up really fast in the tank. What really worries me is that the plant is a bit frail so when i have to clean the jar i fear losing any more leaves. As you can see in the picture I lost a leaf while having cleaned the jar. 

What I found REALLY cute and interesting about Pirhana is that he has grown accustom to his feeding time. I feed him in the evenings at 8 and it is at this time I began noticing recently that I would find him swimming around the top of the jar:) The little blue bugger is also quite fussy. When i feed him the fish food received in the prac he would often spit out his food or slowly pull pieces off when eating, but when he is fed blood worms he doesn't waste any time eating at all. He is a spoilt little fish as he now eats blood worms almost every evening:) My mother has this theory that if she talks to the fish everyday his brain will be stimulated, so Pirhana now gets plenty of attention from her everyday(poor guy). He also comes to the surface regularly and forms plenty of bubbles at the surface of the water in the jar. 
This is a good sign right?

Long Live Pirhana!!


  1. Aww! Feel so proud to be his other "mom" :)

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  3. I noticed my fish's colour changed after about a week and a half. When i got Pac, he was a dull,greenish colour. Then after that week and a half, he turned into like a bright blue and purple colour. Do you think thats about him adapting and being comfortable in his surroundings?