Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog 2: Tyson

Our fish arrived on schedule, and we named him Tyson...obviously.
Before the arrival of Tyson, we recieved the plant. I didn't exactly sit and watch it whole week but even I noticed that something was wrong.The leaves started getting these brown spots, which i did not take seriously at that time. I broke one of the stems during a water by accident and that leaf dramatically deteriorated, by that I mean part of the leaf was see-through. Note that this happend over a two week period. I did not do research about the problem but i suspected a lack of nutrients or something. So what did I think of doing to solve the problem? put it in the sun for a longer period of the day.

Tyson arrived in a plastic bag. He looked grey with red tipped fins and wasn't very active. I got home, placed the platic bag in the water for 5 minutes, then drained the water from Tyson's bag because it was green and dirty, which looked a bit sketchy, so I did not want that water to mix with my tank water. Once Tyson was in, he still wasn't very active and was still looking grey-ish in colour. Later that night when I went to feed him, he was nor keen on the food that was provided. the next day I bought bloodworms and he loves them. I only feed him 2-3 worms a day, which I think could be over feeding already because tyson's eye is quite small...

A few days later, I checked in, for proper observations, and tyson was bright red in colour, more active and seemed to be very good condition, however, i fonly i could say the same about the plant, the number of brown spots seemed slightly more and that one leaf was almost completely see-through. Its not as bad as it sounds but Tim and I will find a way to fix the problem- might have to add extra nutrients.

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