Thursday, April 12, 2012

Introducing Free Willy

When I first got my fish, it wasn't very active or lively. It always stayed close to the bottom of the tank and wouldn't swim around much. I had to keep on checking if it was alive because it wouldn't move for long periods of time and it hardly came up to the surface whenever I put food in the tank. After about 4days, I cleaned the tank by removing 25% of the water and refilling it again. After about 6 days, my fish started to warm up to its new environment, it was swimming around more often and exploring the tank, it was would swim up to the surface when it was time for its food and immedietely ate it once I placed the food in the tank. I also noticed that once the fish ate the food, it would sometimes 'spit' out pieces again, this didn't happen often and I figured that maybe it was because it took too food much at once. The really nice thing about this fish is that everytime you look at it, it seems like theres a new colour..the fish definitely looks much bluer than when I first got it. On another note, my fish almost got killed by my cat twice so after that trauma, I now keep it in places where my cat cannot reach.

My plant is doing much than what it did in the beginning when I first got it. The plant got off to a bad start and I had to pull off most of it's leaves because majority of them were dying and becoming brown while I was trying to get my water clean. Once I got the water clean and finally planted the plant, and gave it the food, my plant started looking up. The leaves grew pretty big and had to pull some off again because it took up most of the space in the tank and the colour was becoming nice and green. Now it serves as a nice hiding place for my fish and cleans the water :)
Till next time.

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