Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hey Guys!! Greetings once again

So Pirhana is with me again=)

I have had him now for just over a week and have been monitoring his behaviour. I have compiled a report on what has been happening during this period and have quite a bit to say. So much has happened with the little bugger.

What I can say about myself before a report back about Pirhana is that i didn't realize how attached I grew to this little blue fishy until I had to hand him over to my partner and be without him for a few weeks. During his duration with my partner i found myself missing him. I cannot deny that I have grown to care for my little fishy.

So below I have added pictures about what I have to say.

The following 3 pictures pertains to a learning experience of mine and has helped me see just how significant and important the behaviour of our fish is.

In the pictures a half of fly and.. well, something else can be seen. I am not sure what that other bug is but when took a closer look i could clearly identify wings.

One evening just before Pirhana got fed I noticed Pirhana behaving rather strange. He seemed irritated and agitated. Pirhana was continuously swimming back and forth really fast at the surface of the water in the jar. I observed this behaviour and left him to continue in this manner in order to see if there would be any change, but there had not been any change. I then began to observe the jar closely and found that there was a fly and a piece of some other bug lying at the bottom of the tank. What I also noticed during this specific week was that the algae in the tank had grown faster than usual. When I spotted the organisms I immediately did a water change because it becomes harmful to the fish. In the picture below the fly can still be seen floating in Pirhana's jar before did the water change. Since this incident I have learnt to cover the top of the jar to ensure that no other organisms can get into the jar. What I used to cover the jar was one of my mother's baking utensils=). I used a sift because it has a net type of material which is perfect for keeping other bugs out.     

Observations made from the ordeal is that the rate of algae growth in the jar increased during this period due to the decomposition of the fly and the other unidentified insect in the jar. It is due to the decomposition of these insects that ammonia levels in the tank were increased and the algae growth in the tank was increased. Also the plant at this time was not doing very well and had lost a few leaves. As a result less nitrates were taken up in the tank at this time, and the decomposition of the fly added to the ammonia levels of the water in the jar as well.

I will be posting some more because there is still more to be said, so the next blog will be up soon.

Long Live Pirhana!

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