Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pH analysis

I tested my pH level in class last Friday and I came up with the following results: NO2: 0 NO3: 0 GH: <3 KH: 6 d PH: 6,8 What I can tell from the my results of my aquarium water is that the water is relatively clean. No nitrites or nitrates. General hardness is low. Karbonhardness is low. And pH is almost neutral.  Two days before the I tested the water my partner change the water in the jar. Therefore my hypothesis for the results is that the water is that the water is still clean. We use normal tap water so that explains the softness of the water as Cape Town is common for soft water. Also the nitrification process occurs between the first and second week from the water change, therefor the nitrification process in my tank has not begun yet. one can tell by the nitrates and nitrites count. The water current water quality in the tank is in a good condition for the fish and plant to survive.

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