Monday, May 14, 2012

last thursday me and my group we were doing a water test in three of the aquarium tanks on our previous practical class.the following info is what we observed during the water testing period.TANK A:PH=7.2 KH=6 GH=10-16 Nitrites=0 Nitrates=250.water temperature for this tank was 28degrees.waht we observed in the tank is the following:flouresent light,filter,substrate rocks and gravel,dirty leaves,clearer surface and zeolite staff.

for tank B PH=6.4 KH=0 GH10-16 Nitrites=0 Nitrates=100.what we observed from the tank is the following:box filter,dirt.LED light,floating algae and zeolite crystal.

tank C PH=6-7.2 KH=3 GH=6 Nitrites=0 Nitrates=250 the water temperature was 28 degrees.what we we observed from the tank is the following:sand substrate,algae,dark,crowded,lily pads,snails,biological and mechanical filtation,amazon plant and elodea a floading plant.

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