Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tank Tests

Tank A

There were lots of plant matter and small to medium sized fish,swimming over small coloured pebbles and a few big rocks at the bottom of the tank. A uv light was used and for filtration there was a water pump,an oxygenator, machanical filter, trickle filter and 2 underground filters that arent good with real plants. The fish were fed tropicle fish,there were 2-3 real plants and the rest were all fake,but the real plants were dying and some had snails and algae on them aswell as on the tank itself.
Temp : 28 C
PH: 6,8
KH: 3 d
GH:  6 d
NO3: 10
NO2: 1
Number: 10

Tank B

1 normal light was used
3 tiny fish types
Single real plant
Soil substrate and 1 big rock
Tank doesnt get that much light
Algae growing on rocks and floating on the surface
Snails everywhere in the tank
Water stinks
Filtration: trickle filter, oxygenator at the bottom, 1 underground filter,mechanical filter

Temp; 29 C
Ph: 7,2
KH: 6
Gh: 10
NO3: 25
NO2: 5
Number : 25

Tank   Best circulated

Real plants and pieces floating on the surface
Substrate is thick and soft, might be soil
The tank is crowded with plants
Same blue/red tiny fish as tank B
5 fish species
Algae growing in the middle between plants
Water doesnt stink
Some fish eat from the bottom of the tank
A UV and florecent light is used
Room temp is 21,6 C
There are a lot of snails but they are very small
Filtration: Chemical (zeolite) filter, mechanical filter, oxygenator, ball mechanism filter
Pressure from filter is better than other tanks
The tank has a heater
Number 10

Temp: 28 C
Ph: 6,8
KH: 3 d
GH: 6 d

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