Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our fish who usually sleeps at the bottom of the tank started to sleep on the leaves of the plants two days ago. we noticed this when we looked for him in the tank but couldn't find it anywhere, we then noticed that it blended in so well with the green leaves that it almost was completely camouflaged.

Our fish also started eating a new type of food , as the food we were given was up. We tried to find the exact same type of food as we noticed that the fish really liked the food we got with it but it is really enjoying this new food as well.

We also attempted to completely change the water last night but it was an extremely difficult task to do, so we decided to remove our fish and put it in another container then remove the water one cup at a time until the majority of the old water was removed , we then poured new water into the tank but it disrupted the soil which made the water a grayish colour for about twenty minutes after it completely settled we put Wendall back into the tank. It seemed as though he was more energetic and somewhat happier in the clean water.

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