Monday, May 14, 2012

A clean start

Day 43-49
I decided to remove the plant out of the tank and replacing it with a new one.Before I placed the new plant in the water I first did a 100% water change. I placed Stan in a plastic bag while doing the water change. After I did all the changes and made Stan's habitat ready for him to live in, I placed him in the water,but he was still in the plastic bag so that he could adjust to the temperature. He was starring at the new plant the whole time trying to get to the plant, but couldnt because he was in the bag.

Day 50-55
Stan seems to be happy living in clean new water and having a new plant. He swims through the plant constantly.He is still eating very good and enjoying his tropical flakes. It is almost time to remove the Zeolites and I am curious to see what the results are.

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