Monday, May 14, 2012

General Post

Hey guys, so about three weeks ago, when I still had Bison. I was very unsatisfied with how the plant was looking. The leaves were bending and those bends started getting brown. Two leaves were slowly deteriorating. So my plan was to do a full water change and remove the plant and put it back into a 5l ice-cream container so the leaves could be straightened and so i could add from the plant food into the sponge.

I then tried to take Bison out of the water, this was a huge task and I was unsuccesfull. He must of thought he was under attack because he began puffing up and swimming lower down the tank. By now there was already so much water lost I decided that I was just going to have take the plant out while Bison was still in the tank. I did this extrememly slow so as to prevent disturbing the subtrate too much.The water still was quite clear. So I rinsed the plant and checked to see whether those leaves on it were in too bad a condition for them to continue. I decided to leave them on and rather add some plant food into the spongy part. I did this because at the beginning of this assignment I noticed the food would become soft and I was worried that Bison might swim nearby and it would affect him.

So I ended doing a 50% water change, but I dont think I needed to do a full water change since I never noticed any algae in the tank.

Cheers guys,hope the fishes are still swimming strong!

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