Monday, May 14, 2012

hi guyz i made a mistake i said my fish its a female , he is a male with red colour and  lot of flings. he change  his behaviour.  the first two days  after i took him , he was swimming on top of  the tunk and cicular  and i observe him , when i feed him at night or at the morning i found him on top of the leaves ,swimming circle around the  leaves / top of the tank , but ori suprise me on wednesday and  thursday i found him on bottom  of the tank i was suprised because it was a first time i see him down on the the tank and i thought that he only stays on top of the tank . his behaviour change  , he is not eating much as he was for  the first two days when i took him ,he used to jump to get food when im feeding him but these days i found left overs he used to eat all te food and i also try to give him something different to feed him i gave him weetbix and he suprised me he jumped when i was feeding him with weetbix and it was at the morning  and i was shocked to see him jump for food because he  was not jumping for the  food for two todays  and there was no left over for the weetbix . when i feed him  he just swim around the leaves and making bubbles and not eating , he eat later but that day i gave him weetbix he jump and eat as fast . i also did the water change he was stressed , he was not himself and he took  time  to swim and   making bubbles. what i notice when i  did water change is that weetbix makes the water dirty .and is difficult to keep plants rather than the fish it is better keep the fish  because my plant is dying i think  it changes the colour ,the leaves are fish is growing it is big and it is very healthy ,very active during the day and very lazy at night and the partner feed the fish once a day and the fish used to get warm temperatures(sun). i think thats the  reason why he changed his behaviour because i took him and i changed his routine ,i feed him twice a day and i keep him in cool temperatures in a cool place which he dont get any sun but we have bond when i take and open the tank he wake up and swim on top of the tank and he does that i everytime i pick him even the days that i found him down on the tank when i open tank he immedialty come quickly  on top of the tank , he knew the time that i was feeding him and we had a strong bond,.


  1. Why are you feeding your fish Weetbix? Is that healthy for him? Won't it make him sick?

  2. Why are you feeding your fish Weetbix? Is that healthy for him? Won't it make him sick?