Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We recieved our substrate a week later than everyone else. By the time we recieved Ashley, we had to place him in another tank temporarily untill the tank he's supposed to go in was ready. He was very passive and inactive in this tank with freshwater only!
 Plant added to water as it slowly started to clear :)
 Ashley in his new home! As you can see the water is almost clear.
 The water extracting method we used in order to prevent the substrate from being disturbed. Thanks dad!
 Water extracted into a bucket!
 Best technique we could ever have learned! Using the same method as extracting in order to fill the tank again, but the real trick is to place the tip of the hose on the top edge of the tank in order to add water in a less aggressive way that will not disturb the soil and prevent the water from becoming milky... how cool is that!? :)
 Tank almost filled!
 Preperation of the zeolites!
Zeolites in the tank and Ashley doing his daily swimming around in all directions!

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