Monday, May 14, 2012

When I got the fish back from my patner it was under a lot of presure because of the travelling, so when I got it the tank was completely a mess and i had to clean the tank and take the water out. My patner told me something about the fish, that it has stopped eating the food so I got a bit worried because that never happened before. She told me that she gave the fish some weetbix and it ate them so when the tank was clear and the Fish was calm I gave it the weetbix and it ate them. so the day after I gave the fish its original food and it ate it. The fish is in good condition anyway and I Think it won"t be getting any problems anytime soon. Since it is winter I have been getting a problem of the tank water becoming extremely cold and These days I seem to be changing the water too very often because when I wake up inthe uI find the water cold and then I try to add some warm water, doing so I take out about 25% of the water and then I add the warm water I also do the same to the fish before I go to bed. I don't know whether this is good for the fish or not but I do worry when the tank water is cold I think there is a posibility that the fish might die in that type of water condition and I don't want to put the fish tank near the heater because that might be dangerous for the fish.

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