Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lazy Cosmo

Experiment: Before I gave Cosmo to my partner I noticed how lazy he was. I did tell my partner to keep an eye out for that and she has told me he was still lazy while she had him. I wanted to get the fish more active so I decided to place bright objects around the tank. I placed a brightly coloured candle holder next to the jar and waited to see cosmos reaction. He actually found an interest to it and started swimming around. The fish wasn’t overly excited but he did start swimming around the jar much more for the 5 minutes I left the object there. I did my observations from a distance just in case I’m the one that’s making the fish more move and I wanted the results undisturbed. After noticing how Cosmo reacted to the brightly coloured candle holder, I decided to put a less bright object next to the tank to see whether it had the same reaction. After I did the process over but this time with a dark mug next to the jar, I have noticed that Cosmo didn’t react at all. I found this interesting so I looked into it a bit more. I found out that as far as the fish mind concerns they do notice change in the environment. The betta will get exicted to objects and may even flare at it, especially if it has bright/multiple colors or patterns. Cosmo’s tail: I found out that Cosmo has a crown tail. The Crown Tail Betta has a striking, elaborate tail that differentiates it from other Bettas. The Crown Tail has a teardrop shape to its tail while the Twin Tail is split, almost giving the suggestion of having two tails. The Crown Tail Betta is a type of "Siamese" Fighting Fish. The crown tail betta derives its name from its unique tail fin. The rays of the tail extend well beyond the tail edge, giving the fish the appearance of wearing a crown. These fish have been selectively bred for fins with reduced webbing. An ideal crown tail will have a 50 percent reduction in webbing. Only the male crown tail displays the large fins to create the crown; females typically have much smaller fins.

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