Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 18: I decided to shine a torch onto my fish bowl and he acted immediately to it, by swimming around wildly. I think he likes that much light. So now I have placed my fish in a lighter area, not very bright but brighter. Day 19: O yes! my fish swims freely now all of a sudden, I guess it was a light problem( get it!) haha. Jokes aside i'm happy now, I feel like I have achieved something great since this is my first time taking care of a fish. Day 20: I have just completed another water change, but this time I proceeded with it a little different. I first filled the bath with a fair amount of water then tilted the fish in the bath from the bowl. From there it was easier to get rid of the water existing in the jar. I removed about half the water. Day 21: All I did today regarding the monitor of my tank was cut off two leaves that were growing out of the bowl. Day 22: Today I observed my fish for about an hour and I noticed that he swims in circles and when he gets tired he sits on the leaves of the plant. He seldom hangs around the bottom. Day 23: These fish are incredible if you watch them long enough you get the opportunity of seeing them come up to breath. It's quite fantastic to see this kind of activity. I just saw my fish do this now. Day 24: I did a water change now, and before I changed the water I noticed some bubbles on the the surface of the water along the sides. I wonder what this indicates (lets do some research) Day 25: Found some brown leaves starting to arise from my plant, so I removed it by cutting at the roots( three of them to be exact). Day 26: I'm noticing that it has been along time since my plant has got any food it stopped growing. The leaves are just about on the surface of the water, creating less space for my fish. (Hope this does not affect his swimming routine or patterns). Day 27: Ok, so I done some research about theses betta's  and it is said that they create these bubble nests on the surface of the water when they happy, and that is exactly what my fish has done. Once again I feel proud of myself. Day 28: Completed another water change, and I think my fish enjoys it now, as he swims freely in the bath (a different environment for a short while could be beneficial for these type of fish). I also noticed some black marks on the side of the jar which I carefully removed with wet toilet paper ensuring none falls in the tank. Day 29: At 08:00 I removed the plant from the bowl and placed it in another container with water, just for today to see the different reactions of the fish. He mainly stays stationary, if i could put it in that way, as he might feel uncomfortable being in what seems to be a new environment. I also know from research that betta's are fond of plants. At 21:00 I placed the plant back in the bowl. Day 30: Black spots on leaves of the plant are present, not sure what they are, can wipe some off and others look permanent. Day 31: Some tips of my plant are decolouring and brown spots are prevalent. My fish is bright and healthy (hope it does not affect him). Day 32: As far as my fish's colour is concerned, I thing he changed a bit of colour and got slighter brighter. And he has not grown much since I received him.  

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