Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ok, so day 1: I placed fish( a Siamese fighter) inside the already set up bowl (plant +substrate), lets see how this little fish adapts to the new environment. Day 2: Fed my fish for the first time, he never ate immediately but gradually I noticed the food vanishing, so he must have been eating it. Day4:  Fish looks slightly lethargic to say the least, and he hides away beneath the leaves, I guess that is something natural to these type fish. So I did my first water change by removing three cups of water and replacing it with fresh water. Furthermore I noticed the plant increasing in growth and plenty more leaves are now present. Day 5: fed my fish at 14:00, he does not seem to want to eat. But after 10 minutes or so he swims to the surface where the food floats to eat. I watched him carefully for the next twenty minutes and then finally he came up a second time time to eat again( I'm guessing he likes the food). Day 6: Fish swimming around a little bit more compared to day 5. Some food still lying on top of the water from the previous day. Day 7: I notice my fish prefers to be close to the leaves of the plant than anywhere else, and spends most of his time lying on the leaves. I cant tell if he sleeping or not. Day 8: Observed the fish's patterns again. Noticed nothing different from previous day other than the fact that he loves coming towards the person that speaks to him( even if he was fed already). Day 9: Did another water change. This time I could see my fish knew what was going on as he quickly rushed to the bottom of the tank. Day 10: Still feeding my fish these freeze-dried tubifex worms. I notice he enjoys it now as he rushes to the the top of the bowl to collect the food as I feed him. Day 11: My fish is still quite inactive, i'm kind of worried, but then again most of the response from other pupils were similar regarding this aspect. Day 12: The leaves of my plant were growing rapidly so I cut six off at the tips, creating more space for my fish to swim ( If he wants to swim that is). Day 13: Signs of roots extending from beneath the plant, not sure what to do about it, but will assess it later, once it starts growing extensively. Day 14: completed another water change now and noticed some fish waste products, they quite minute and some were residing on the plant. Day 15: My fish is still a bit inactive, moving around a little but not much and I notice he likes swimming along the glass bowl. Day 16: My water looks fairly clean and my fish seems to have adapted to the environment, but i'm not extremely happy yet. I hope the condition of my fish improves. Oh, that reminds me that I need to think of a suitable name for this beautiful blue fighter. Day 17: Just fed my fish now, he looks brighter than before, which is a good sign. Or maybe it's the food that makes him happy.

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