Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Bubble nest: In one of my first posts I observed the abnormal large bubble nest created by my fish so I decided to do some research into that. In my research I found out that betta fish nests are determined the proportion to their weight and length. What I saw was totally different. They nest was about half the diameter of the jar which is way bigger than the fish itself. I cannot come up with a logical explanation into why this is so. Maybe the fish is sick? I highly doubt that. Checking if ill: Cosmos’s laziness had me thinking whether or not he was sick. So I got some info on betta illnesses and it told me to check for the following: •       If the betta has small white spots on its body and fins (they look like grains of salt), it as a parasite called ich. This should be treated as soon as possible. •       White cottony growths that are larger than ich are fungus. This can be treated with a medicine such as Maracyn or Rid Fungus. •       Fins that look like they are being eaten away have fin-rot. Fin-rot needs to be cured quickly because it can be spread to the body. Treat with warm, clean water, a few drops of garlic juice, and a product that replaces the slime coat, such as Stress Coat by API. •       If your betta looks bloated, he is probably constipated. To treat this, get a frozen pea. Shell it, thaw it, and cut into tiny pieces. Feed a few of these to your betta, then feed him nothing for a few days. You can also try feeding live, frozen, or freeze-dried daphnia for the same results. After checking for these illnesses, I can tell that Cosmo is not sick. He didn’t have any white spots on his body or fins. No colony growth. None of the fins have been eaten away or is rotten. And he definitely not constipated as he eats the all the food and nothing goes to waste.

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