Thursday, May 17, 2012

On the 13th of April i got Cosmo from Kyle, on my b day!!!!!we traveled to a friends house were i placed him on the table to get a little sunlight.At 20H00 that evening we arrived in Hawston so he was introduced to the family and Chelsey(very xcited).At 20h30 was the first time i feed him i was so afraid of over feeding him.

7h00 the next morning i checked on him, as i got ready for a funeral i placed a photo behind the jar for 10 seconds at a time.17H00 he was still swimming around.At feeding time i could not find the fish food and i nervously placed a small peace of potato peel in the jar, at first he nibbled on it and then started biting into the inner side of it. Between 20H30 and 21H00 myself and Chelsey just watch Cosmo swimming around.

The Sunday there was a little potato peel in the jar but then i found the fish food. I was worried cause the whole weekend was rainy and the plant and Cosmo got little sunlight. I then took the jar from the lounge into the kitchen and placed it on the table, i opened the door so that the jar can get sunlight,then the whole family just watch him swim around.At 20h30 i feed him by placing my hand in the jar and moving it and then dropping the food.

Monday the 16th i did a leave count,there was 12 leaves then. i did not clean the tank but Kyle instructed that i only clean the tank in this week. I feed him at 18H45 a little earlier then normal. He did not show interest in the food at first as i closed the jar he swam up towards the top. i then placed a pen against the jar and moved it he followed but doing this i was trying to lead Cosmo to the food.At 18H53 he started to eat and by 19H10 i saw him ripped the food apart and by 20H00 there was nothing left. I placed a colorful puzzle against the jar and he swam towards it.

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