Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Okay so since I got Pirhana back from my partner I have been doing things differently from the way I had done things when I had gotten him for the first time. Not only have been doing things differently but also noticed that some of Pirhana's habits have changed as well. 

During the exchange of Pirhana about a week and a half ago Pirhana was rather calm. When I initially got him Pirhana would remain swimming around at the top of the tank for the entire drive home because he was curious about what was happening around him. I think that Pirhana has adapted to his jar being carried and moved around while he is inside the tank because during the exchange he remained at the bottom of the jar calmly for the entire drive home. In the car he would only come to the top of the tank when I opened the bag to see how he was doing. I found it really interesting to see how his behaviour has changed over this period of the assignment.

Another behavioural change I noticed was that Pirhana had developed a slight attitude. I found it rather cute though. Over this period Pirhana became familiar with his feeding time which is 8'o clock. When I got him back I fed him a bit earlier. When I would feed him earlier in the evening he would ignore my attempts to try to get him to swim to the surface of the water. When attempting to get him to the surface I would pat my finger on the surface of the water to get his attention. These attempts failed. What i also found really funny was that not only did he not like getting fed earlier than usual but he also did not like getting fed later than 8'o clock. One evening when I had gotten home late I remembered that I still had to feed Pirhana. This was around 11'o clock. I fetched Pirhana's food tried to get his attention and placed the food in the jar. To my surprise Pirhana had swum right past the food, despite not having been fed for the entire day. I thought that it was quite strange. I then fetched his favourite food which is blood worms. Pirhana ALWAYS eats his blood worms. I tried to get his attention and this time successfully managed to get him at the top of the jar. When i saw he was at the top of the jar I placed some blood worms in the water, but when i placed it in he did not even bother tasting the food. It were as if he was refusing to eat because I had fed him late. I noticed that this happens whenever i feed him after 8. I found it really funny that such a tiny fish can have such a big attitude=)

I also changed the location of Pirhana's jar when I had gotten him back. before his jar would be left downstairs but since I got him back I have been kepping him in my room.

I noticed that ever since Pirhana I placed Pirhana in my room his sleeping place has changed. Before he would sleep at the bottom of the jar but now I find him at the bottom of the jar. He absolutely hates loud music. When I play music in my room I notice that he gets agitated. he swims back and forth over a short disatnce really fast until the music is switched off or is turned down to a really low volume. 

Pirhana is doing exceptionally well as he is always blowing bubbles. The other day Pirhana had made a really huge bubble nest. I was quite shocked at the size because it was made over a period of just a few days! What I have really cute is that Pirhana now eats off my finger. He is not afraid to explore and the other day I even stroked his back!

What I can say about the change in location of the jar is that I noticed a decrease in the rate of algae growth. When the jar was downstairs opposite the glass sliding doors algae would grow within 5 days and I would need to perform a water. Now that Pirhana is with me in my room I noticed now I find myself changing the water every 7 days and even within 7 I do not see algae in the jar. The plant however did not benefit from this change in location. After about a week I started noticing small brown spots appearing on the leaves. Due to the plants not getting enough sunlight they were beginning to wilt. However I have noticed that another leaves is sprouting from the plant. When Pirhana was given back to me my partner had told me another leaf had grown and now a second new leaf is slowly growing! Unfortunately though I sadly report that One leaf was lost during the plant's time with me=(

Long Live Pirhana!

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