Wednesday, May 16, 2012

personal report

Firstly me and my patrner's fish Louis is doing extremely well. He cope under the circumstances we put him in. In this previous weeks he act a bit strange by swimming in circles and suddenly up and down. HE ENJOY THE NEW FOOD WE PROVIDE FOR HIM. In this last time we did a lot of water changes and realise that that there were not so many nitrates releasing from ammonia, actually the water are cleaner than before because of the contribution of the water conditioner we bought from our local pet shop. I observed that it is actually harder to keep the plant alive than the fish, because Louis is a kind of fish that live under difficult circumstances. Our plant is on this stages busy dying bacause of the ammonia that was to much before we really starts to take this execise seriously, but than we realise that it  all about laerning new things and how you going make better changes to the environment of species like our fish without negative impacts.In this execise I learn how to intrepret an a adaptive management plan to keep my fish alive and how to manage a uncycled aquarium system by self learning and observations to improve the environment effects.

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