Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last day of blogging!

My results of my water
pH : 6
NO3 : 0
NO2 : 0
GH : 4
KH : 6
Today is my last day of blogging about my fish.I really enjoyed every moment looking at my fish and blogging about him and thats why I am going to keep my fish Stan.At first he was shy and scared of me,but as time went on he learned that off.He did always hide behind the plants at first but after a while he swam the whole time.I treat Stan like his my child talking with him as if he understands and just starring at him the whole time looking at what he does all day.He grew into a bright beautiful fish and very active as well.There were times when Stan didnt wanted to eat and when he didnt move, but after a day or two he was back to normal again.Thank you Mr. Knight for giving me the change to look after a betta fish it was a great experience.I want to look after fish in the future.
I removed the Zeolites from the tank.When I opened the cloth the Zeolites was a different colour. The Zeolites in the envelope was still the same colour a grey white colour.The Zeolites that was in the cloth was green,brown and badge.

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