Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So I guess this is the last post about Bison,well all's well that ends well. In the past few days he has been very mediorce, not swimming that much. Just laying on the mould of the plant and he is sleeping to often for my liking. Guess its the water change thats having an affect on him, but when it comes to feeding time he is as feisty as ever! His creating a bubble nest under the leaves of the pant, since the leaves are so big one cannot really see whats happening. He also tries to intimidate me by opening his gills when I come closer with my face trying to check things out. These days he is sleeping at the top of the tank. He also avoids the zeolite bag which at first he seemed to like. He is also not eating that much, wasting the food I give him. This was a great experience looking after Bison.

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