Thursday, May 17, 2012

I started giving Cosmo a little more food but i did not seemed that he mind. i decided not to put in a put or to put Cosmo in a bigger tank cause the environment that he is in is favorable from this kind. I did put in peddles after i placed Cosmo in a little jar with same of the tank water in. I used a plastic tube to drain 1 l of water and replacing it with the same amount of clean water. I also placed artificial plants in the tank but i took it out again cause i thought i might injured the fish.

I placed a mirror close to the tank in the evening from 20-22.

i did i leave count, 13 leaves at this point.

I put in a colorful toy ball in the tank to entertain him at night.

I decided not to clean the tank for two weeks and only cleaned it on the 2 May,two day before Kyle took him.On Friday 4 May we did a water sample not once but twice to make sure of the results.The results found
GH- less then 3
On the 27th i change the feeding time to the mornings between 08H00-9H00. The leave amount to 15 leaves.

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