Saturday, May 12, 2012

Betta Food

Hi all
After weeks of testing to see what kind of food DJ like i came across this specific type of food. It is called Betta food. It is made from a company called Tetra, whichspecialises in betta food. my fish likes this type of food better than the hard rock types of food that i gave it before because it is way softer to eat. this also reduces the chance of DJ spitting the food back out.
The food is very light and is shaped like a flake, which helps it to flaot longer at the surface of the water, because my fish (DJ) does not eat food that has sunk to the bottom of the jar.

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  1. i am currently using that same fish food. i find that the shape of the food allows it to float longer on the surface doesn't sink as fast as the previous fish food I was using this allows more time for the fish to eat. this also helps reduce the foods chances of becoming a waste product itself. I have find it to become very useful because I wouldn't have to change the water as often. What I also observed when the previous food has sunk and become a waste product within the tank it caused drastic spikes in the ammonia levels in my tank. But since i have switched to this fish food that hasn't been much of a problem