Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Water brownish. 2 Pumps for high oxygen (air pumps). Pebbles were making up the gravel. Hints of algae, fluorescent light. Heater. Mechanically filtered.Tank 320 liters. Snails were present. Dead leaves. Over crowded.Food tropical fish flakes.Temerature 28 C.

pH: 6.8

Nitrite: 0 mg/l

Nitrate: 250 mg/l

kH: 6

gH: 16


Water is brown/yellowish almost like a river. Bad smell. Heater. Box filter .LED light. Huge amount of algae. Zeolite gravel, waste on top and in between. 3 Types of fish. Food is pellets. Temperature 25 C.

pH: 6.4

Nitrite: 1 mg/l

Nitrate: 100 mg/l

kH: 0

gH: 0


Water a bit clearer that others. Cycled filter  with fine substrate. Highest maintenance. 5 Types of fish. Crowded. Much more snails. Real plants. Heater. Algae in between plants.Temperature 29 C.

pH: 7.2

Nitrite: 0mg/l

Nitrate: 25 mg/l

kH: 6

gH: 10

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