Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Our fish tank results:

The tank had a pH of 6.8, the nitrate content (NO3) was 10 and the nitrite content (NO2) was 0. The gH was>10 and the kH was 15ยบ .

It is Also my turn to receive X again he is now being fed blood worms and i immediately noticed that he as definitely gotten larger. I also l compared the zeolite crystals colour that was in the tank compared to the dry ones. I am proud to say that the colour had not changed much meaning our water is in a pretty good condition.

My own adaptive management project:

I have started my own aquarium with two gold fish and i know they are fish that is the worst to maintain because they create a large amount of waste, but i am confident having learnt a few things from this project that I will be able to handle it. I also started firstly by cycling my aquarium.So watch out for my very own blog..

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