Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Temperature: 28 degrees
With an air pump
There are different plant species
The water is clear
UV light
 Mechanical filter
Not many floating particles

Temperature: 25 degrees
With an air pump
There is algae growth on the rocks and leaves in the tank
There is an LED light
Mechanical filtration Box
There is floating algae and also floating plants resembling lily pads.
There is clear vegetation in the tank
There are  few, but large snails.

Temperature: 28 degrees
There is abundant plant life, even floating
There is a large amount of algae in the tank
There are many, but small snails 
There are many fish 

Tank A
pH: 7.2
KH: 6
GH: >10 - >16
NO2: 0
NO3: 250
Temp: 27 - 28 degrees celsius

Tank B
pH: 6.4
KH: 0
GH: >7 - >10
NO3: 0
NO2: 100
Temp: 25 degrees Celsius

Tank C
pH: 6 - 7.2
KH: 3
GH: >6
NO2: 0
NO3: 250
Temp: 28 degrees Celsius
The best tank is tank C and the worst is tank A.

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