Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Final Post:

So I returned X to my partner, Makeya, on Monday. She said that he has definitely grown since the last time she saw him. On Monday, I had noticed that he turned grey due to the drop in temperature. The movement of the jar, during the course of the day, had caused him to become very frightened and, due to this, he hid behind the leaves of the plant.  According to my partner, he is doing well and his colour is back to normal .
This assignment was very informative and interesting as I have learnt so much on how to care for a fish, how important water chemistry is to a fish, the responsibility of keeping a fish and most importantly the fun of keeping a fish. I am thus looking forward to starting my own freshwater tank with 2 Beta Splendens and aquatic plants as I would, now, like to monitor the interaction of Beta fish.

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